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Verio Healthcare is a supplier of quality manufactured Disposable Medical Supplies. In addition to providing Durable Medical Equipment, we also offer a large selection of Disposable Medical Supplies and disposables for homecare patients. We provide reliable quality-made products that will equal or exceed what you’re currently using. If you are unsure about your choice, our Customer Care Specialists can furnish guidance, helping you make the right decision. For certain products, upon request we can provide a sample for you to try at home to see if the product meets your needs.

Everything Verio Healthcare provides, including Disposable Medical Supplies, can be delivered to your home by one of our friendly, highly trained Patient Care Representatives. Upon arrival at your home, our uniformed Patient Care Representatives will set up any required Durable Medical Equipment, instruct you on the proper use of your Disposable Medical Supplies, and answer any questions you might have. For your convenience, you also have the option to have the medical supplies and disposables mailed directly to your home. Our experienced Customer Care Specialists are available to fulfill your order and answer any questions with one simple phone call. We believe in a friendly, easy process for new orders or reorders that only involves one call to have your Disposable Medical Supplies mailed or delivered. Of course, we will always handle your delivery in a discreet manner. Verio Healthcare is here for you, and it is very important to us that your homecare needs are met, your questions answered, and that the overall process be simple.

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Enteral Nutrition

Enteral nutrition plays an important role in keeping patients nourished. There are certain types of medical conditions that can prevent patients from being nourished, involving the inability to swallow or absorb nutrients. Verio Healthcare offers a variety of enteral nutritional solutions to ensure patients receive the nutrients their bodies require.

Nutritional Supplements
Specialty Formulas
Infant Formulas
Hypoallergenic Formulas
Dietary Formulas
Bolus Feeding Supplies
Feeding Bags
Gravity Feeding Supplies
G Tubes
Irrigation Syringes
Extension Sets
I.V. Pumps

Ostomy Care

Ostomy is a surgically created opening of an organ within the body for the discharge of bodily waste, created during operations such as colostomy, ileostomy, or gastrostomy. Ostomy care may be temporary or permanent, depending on the patient’s situation. Verio Healthcare provides Disposable Medical Supplies required for proper Ostomy care.

Pediatric Systems
Barrier Systems (1pc/2pc pouch)
Drain-able Systems
Closed Systems
Convex Systems

Specialty Systems
Barrier Rings
Barrier Strips

Odor Eliminators

Incontinence Care

Incontinence refers to an inability to control the bladder and/or bowels. There are medical conditions or surgeries that can cause incontinence symptoms in patients such as leakage, urinary retention, or involuntary bowel movements. Verio Healthcare offers a variety of Disposable Medical Supplies to help patients manage incontinence symptoms.


Belted Undergarments
Catheter Systems
Insertion Trays
Drainage Bags

Irrigation Supplies
Anchoring Devices
Extension Tubing


Diabetes Care

Diabetes affects 29.1 million people in the United States. It is a metabolic disease in which the body does not properly process food for energy. Patients following physician instructions are able to successfully control and manage the disease. Verio Healthcare provides the equipment and supplies to manage diabetes properly.

Blood Glucose Meters
Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems
Insulin Pumps
Insulin Pens
Insulin Pen Needles
Lancing Devices
Test Strips

Control Solutions
Log Books
Alcohol Swabs

Wound Care

Wounds stem from injuries, surgery, or from other types of medical conditions. Proper care is critical for both transitory and persistent wounds to prevent deterioration of tissue, infection, or gangrene. Verio Healthcare has wound care supplies that will allow patients to heal or be able to manage their wounds.

Paste Bandages
Liquid Bandages
Surgical Tapes
Gauze Pads


Burn Care

Verio Healthcare provides a large variety of Disposable Medical Supplies available for homecare patients and healthcare providers. Due the wide spectrum of products available on the market, listing every option is not possible. If you are looking for a particular product that is not listed, then please contact one of our Customer Care Specialists toll free number at (888) 661-1106 to check availability.
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