Enhancing  Life. Elevating Care.

Verio Healthcare is dedicated to offering the highest level of patient-focused homecare to all patients, with an innovative and proactive approach. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for all patients by elevating the patient homecare experience.


Servicing Quality Patient Homecare

Verio Healthcare offers a comprehensive line of equipment, products, and services for patient homecare. We take pride in providing only the best when it comes to quality. Our trained professionals are highly proficient in servicing patient homecare in the following areas:

Our Team is Dedicated to Excellence in Patient Homecare

One of Verio Healthcare’s core principles states that “The Products We Provide Are Only As Good As The Service That Coincides.” Our team members take pride in their work because they believe all patients deserve quality service, allied with compassion, when it comes to providing homecare. The Verio Healthcare team is comprised of full-time, highly trained, dedicated employees who work around the clock to provide patients with a proactive, professional approach to patient homecare 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Managers and Supervisors are always on hand to ensure every situation is handled with the utmost care. Verio Healthcare Managers and Supervisors oversee all aspects of the operations to solidify the team’s success.

Meet Our Patient Homecare Services Team

Customer Care Specialists  [CCS]

Our Customer Care Specialists understand that the initial assessment of each patient is also the starting point on a successful path to patient homecare. The process begins by carefully reviewing all aspects of an incoming patient’s needs before coordinating a well-designed sequence of care, ensuring every patient’s requirements are handled accurately and professionally. Our communication with patients, caregivers, primary care physicians, and case managers is always handled in a positive and professional manner.

Patient Care Representatives  [PCR]

Our highly trained Patient Care Representatives are committed to providing positive patient homecare experiences, always remaining helpful, courteous, and professional. In order to provide a comfortable and friendly approach, PCRs arrive in clearly marked Verio Healthcare vehicles, uniformed in our signature Hawaiian-style shirts. Our Patient Care Representatives will not only deliver the required equipment and supplies, but will also take the necessary time to instruct the patient on proper equipment use.

Registered Respiratory Therapists  [RRT]

Each of our Registered Respiratory Therapists are licensed and highly trained in all the equipment and respiratory services we provide. RRTs are available at all Verio Healthcare offices, in addition to being mobile, to ensure our patients’ homecare needs are met in a timely, convenient, and friendly manner. The Registered Respiratory Therapists’ core responsibilities are to make sure the patient clearly understands how to use the respiratory equipment and to answer any questions or concerns that may arise about the therapy.

Patient Homecare Service Availability

Verio Healthcare provides on-call 24-hour access to staff members for emergency situations. Customer Care Specialists and Patient Care Representatives are available at all times –including holidays – to service any patient homecare request. Our Specialists and Representatives have access to our homecare patient information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Managers and Supervisors are available to ensure all requests are handled accurately and efficiently.

Hospital Discharges are always handled as STAT.

Patient Service Hours: 24 hours a day | 7 days a week | 365 days a year
STAT: Requests are responded via a PCR within 2 hours
URGENT: Requests are responded via a PCR within 4 hours
ROUTINE: Requests are scheduled via a CCS at the most convenient time for the patient and/or care giver.

Committed To Our Mission

At Verio Healthcare, our mission is to set the standard of excellence in the communities we service. We do this by providing homecare patients and their families with the highest level of patient homecare available. We are dedicated, capable, and committed to being the very best at providing patient homecare equipment, products, and services.

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